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Allergy Therapy

Whilst experts agree that a high level of stress can be the trigger that sets off an allergy, it is also believed that there is likely to be an additional inherited malfunction of the immune system. Therefore both these factors play their part in the development of the problem. Indeed the symptoms of allergy can increase or decrease in severity depending on the patient’s stress levels at any given moment in time.

The allergic response is inflammatory and symptoms appear in ‘target’ organs. Skin, eyes, lungs and bowel are obvious targets, but allergic symptoms may also appear in muscles, joints, brain and other organs.

What is the purpose of allergy testing?

Allergy testing is carried out using gentle but accurate muscle testing and energy assessment techniques from Health Kinesiology UK©. These identify those foods and other substances which are too challenging for your body and which may be contributing to your symptoms.

We monitor the body’s response when we place a sample of a potential allergen on the body, just below the navel. Avoiding or limiting the foods or allergens you are sensitive to, whilst supporting the underlying causes of your health problem, is a simple, effective first step to better health.

All samples remain sealed in glass vials so there is no chance of a reaction. In addition there is no use of needles, blood testing or scratching. Most people find the experience deeply relaxing as well as intriguing. All testing is completed within an hour with the results given on the spot.

What happens during an allergy testing appointment?

Your first visit will be longer than subsequent visits because it includes a thorough assessment. health kinesiology allergy testing is a holistic therapy, therefore all appropriate aspects of your story will be taken into account, such as lifestyle, diet and your wider medical history.

The number of further treatments will vary according to your needs, how long a particular condition has lasted and how quickly your body is able to respond. These areas will be discussed during your consultation. As well as determining what allergies you may have, tests for any low tolerances you may have will also be carried out. Once the practitioner has this information, she will - with your body’s permission - ‘switch off’ the allergies, and raise your tolerance to anything that you have indicated you are vulnerable to.

Allergy therapy allows you to identify all allergens whether they are foods, chemicals, dusts, hair, pollen or anything else. This safe, accurate and painless method is particularly suitable for infants, children and the elderly.

To expand this work further and develop your own extended and unique desensitisation programme we strongly recommend using this information in conjunction with Anam Cara’s naturopathic and nutritional therapy treatment programmes.

Anam Cara’s practitioner says, “I have been a therapist since 1999 and have studied many healing disciplines including: allergy testing, animal healing, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, Egyptian sekhem, essences, health kinesiology, hopi ear candles, Indian head massage, ionic detox foot spa, reflexology, reiki, sea shell healing, sex therapy, swedish massage and tree spirit healing. I have also studied psychology, psycho-sexual counselling and stress counselling.

“As an experienced holistic practitioner I utilise my many skills to create totally unique programmes for each individual patient. I also believe in the power of prayer and that this coupled with each discipline brings the greatest potential for healing. In addition I believe that healing is enhanced when the patient takes an active part in their own recovery process.

“As a practitioner I share the same beliefs and ways of working as Sonia and the whole of the holistic team at Anam Cara. Therefore I look forward to meeting you and working with you within this framework, all within the beautiful and serene setting that Anam Cara provides for us all.”