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A healing touch can affect you on all levels of your being. Touch is proven to be healing and empowering, giving us instant feedback and information about our physical and emotional health, and it can, if compassionately used, profoundly affect our wellbeing and outlook on life.

Amma Fusion Massage is a blend of Eastern massage techniques drawing together the disciplines of acupressure (deep thumb pressure), Tui-Na (Chinese medical massage) and Table Shiatsu (Japanese medical massage). It is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

Amma Fusion Massage works the meridians (energy pathways of the body) using specialised strokes and acupressure to restore correct energy (Qi) flow, promoting health, vitality and balanced mood. The technique can help with many conditions, but is particularly beneficial in treating systemic conditions (body system problems), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), mild depression, chronic illness, auto-immune conditions, headaches and sinus problems. It is also beneficial for sleep disturbance, neck and back pain and digestive complaints.

Amma Fusion Massage is often successful in treating conditions that do not traditionally respond to Swedish or other standard massage techniques.

The gentle, rhythmic strokes with precise, applied and sequenced moves provide a deeply therapeutic, relaxing and nurturing experience which encourages muscles and deep tissue to let go of built-up tensions and stress. All to help you activate your own deep, inner healing ability.