Holistic Centre for Body, Mind & Spirit



Entry 5  Friday 31/5


And finally, to all our clients. Those we’ve met and worked with, those we are working with now and those we’ve yet to meet.

I extend an open hearted invitation to all to connect with us, stay connected with us, keep in relationship with us. We’re here to stay. We exist to be of service to you. To listen, to care, to act with intelligence and respect. I believe we are a centre of excellence and that we can be a trusted constant in your lives. A resource. A companion. A point of contact for advice, guidance, signposting and reassurance. To be part of your own unfolding story and to offer appropriate support when necessary. We are invested in and committed to your wellbeing. We are a genuine community of likeminded, ethical, passionate and committed practitioners. We exist to be of service to you.

We thank you for your trust and belief in our good intentions.

            Cold play:   Fix You


Entry 4 Thursday 30/5


To all my family, we’ve had more than our fair share of heartbreak and pain. Our family has its own story and history, we are still suffering and working through the devastating consequences of the 1st and 2nd World War. And, in recent times, suffering the sudden death of Nick aged 30, last year, to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome as well as the loss of my father and step father R.I.P.

My part in our story is to bring Anam Cara to life, a centre dedicated to others suffering too, in any form: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. An act of faith in the future. To help heal the pain we all suffer. I see it in our family, I know it in those who’ve passed in our family. I send my love to you all. xx

             REM Everybody Hurts

“The grit that makes the pearl” (Ref: The Institute of Psychosynthesis)

I especially send love to my two children. They live in my heart. They take the story forward. I see them as young adults in the world, finding their way, making sense of it all as best they can. At this moment in time.

            For Shaun -  Eagles:  Learn To Be Still  
            For Charlotte -  4 Non Blondes: What’s Up     
I love you both. My heart is so excited watching you grow into maturity, more excited than you could ever imagine. I truly believe in you both xx



Entry 3 Wednesday 29/5


Dedications:- A very special thank you to the Anam Cara Management team. Natalie, Jamil; where would I have been without you two pulling the rabbit from the hat time and time again. We all know the answer to that. You’ve been there for me – through all the mayhem of recent times. Much love to you both. xx

To all practitioners:

What can I say to you all? Other than thank you for believing in me, believing in Anam Cara, sharing the vision. Without you all we wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t have a reason for being. You are Anam Cara. Your energies, the diversity you each bring, your talents, your creativity and your willingness to truly work closely together, for the highest good. For the highest purpose, meaning and values we can give to our clients. We care, we really do. I’m proud of us all. I’m so looking forward to the future, we haven’t even started yet. As you all know I keep saying we are in the process of becoming, of unfolding to our higher potential. I hope you continue the journey with me...
            Radiohead: Street Spirit (fade out)


Entry 2 Tuesday 28/5


Dedications:- To the guys who’ve been with me all the way though this process – from its conception, through gestation to finally, the birth. A deep, heartfelt thank you. We’ve had our crazy moments, but this creative project is ours. Between us we did it xxxx much love to:

Simon, Photographer

Mitch, Film Maker

Nick, Scriptwriter

Chetan, Design Agency

Thank you for your good will, care, love, passion and commitment xxxx. As David Bowie is cool right now, for you all, a celebration of our joint creativity:-
David Bowie:  Sound and Vision


Entry 1   Monday 27/5


We’re here

We’ve arrived

It’s happening

The hazy dream has finally become a reality

The very beginnings of Anam Cara, unbeknown to me at the time, started to formulate in the Autumn of 1998. I was in crisis, broken hearted and devastated: suffering enormous emotional pain and, as a result, physical illness too. In spiritual psychology we call it the Dark Night of the Soul.

This period was to last ten years, with many of the experiences encountered beyond words, ineffable, powerful. Lost somewhere amongst disturbing, ecstatic, thrilling, desperate, psychotic moments. The quest, the search finally resulted in my coming back into the light. Back into relationships. Back into engaging with the world. I chose life. Thank God. Anam Cara was the result: born in the Autumn of 2008. These tracks were powerful in those years.

Foreigner:  I Want To Know What Love Is

Steve Nicks:  Sometimes it’s a Bitch

Sonia qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist at Keele University, before spending a further five years studying psychosynthesis.
She has studied continuously ever since. She has worked in a GP practice, for police and prison services, has supported youth and community projects, and also worked with both local and blue-chip business leaders and government departments.
She has also developed many programmes of psychological support to help senior managers, directors and CEOs deal successfully with workplace issues and conflicts.

Anam Cara
has several excellent new practitioners offering very low rates to establish their client base.

All from £40/hr......

Treatments include:-

  • Body Talk Therapy
  • Psychotherapy / Counselling
  • Reflexology
  • Massage (incl. Swedish, Candle, Anti-Cellulite, Sports)
  • Baby Massage (Shantala)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reiki
  • Hypnotherapy

To book please contact the Anam Cara Holistic Centre on:- 0121 353 1508