Holistic Centre for Body, Mind & Spirit


Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Object Relations

Everyone needs a little help from time to time. A difficult life and hard times can make you feel overwhelmed and struggling to find a way through. You do not want to be told what to do; you just want somebody to understand something of what you are going through. You could do with an extra mind to help you think, process and carry through your reflections, thoughts and feelings.

The path to regaining clarity, control and purpose in your life is within you and this is what Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy can start you on the road towards. Starting from your current circumstances, position and all that those entail, we can work from many angles, depending on what is uncovered in each therapeutic encounter. Through a process of challenge, with support and empathy, we can work on correcting:

  • Brittle, low and unclear self concepts
  • Irrational thinking and behaviour patterns
  • Lifetraps that control and restrict the capacity to choose more freely in our lives
  • Unequal and oppressive relationship patterns

The art of therapy is supported by a thorough, scientific and empirical grounding with information, justification and options presented to you at each stage of the therapeutic process. We see our clients as a gift to us, a humbling experience, and we will always respect and value your unique personality, experiences and perspectives. As therapy progresses, we will discuss emerging issues, priorities, progress as well as setbacks, and help you to determine the most practical and beneficial ways forward that are right for you and your values.

We can work on a one-to-one basis, with partners and family members or with small groups of people. Each situation will be assessed on its own merits so do not despair and feel that you may be beyond help! Remember, the solution lies within you and our role will be to bring you closer to self fulfilment.

Anam Cara’s practitioner says, “My road to counselling has taken, as for so many, a long and winding route. What started out as a desire to rearrange the world led to a humble realisation that listening, providing support and being there for another achieved much more for all in the long run. Starting with a Law degree I ended up in community development; from youth work through to project design and delivery, management and advocacy and representing the voluntary and community sector in the region.

“I went on to practise Nutritional Medicine and Herbalism for five years before moving directly into counselling.

“As a practitioner of the Integrative method I use the Person-Centred, Cognitive Behavioural and Schema approaches. I am driven by the idea that a person’s identity, morality and strategy can often remain fixed as a result of their upbringing and they can end up repeating destructive cycles of thoughts and behaviours unwittingly.

“I see my role as asking interesting and penetrating questions. I encourage clients to look at their thoughts, actions and lives from different angles and then support them in choosing what to keep the same, things worth celebrating and the things that are difficult for them to change or let go of.

“My work complements the Anam Cara ethos of treating people holistically, targeting their specific needs from the wide range of methods and techniques at their disposal. We learn that each of us has unique talents, with some more suited to particular clients than others.”