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Our clients often don’t know quite what prompts them to call us. It may be a physical symptom, a chronic illness, stress, anxiety, heartbreak, they may be facing a challenge, or they may be experiencing a sense of frustration, confusion or being utterly stuck. Sometimes they’ve already dialled before they really know what to say. That’s fine. Whatever the presenting issue is, really it matters only that you do make that call. Between us, we can work out everything else.

Anam Cara is unique in the range of treatments we offer and in the way these treatments complement each other. Our team of experts provide their services either as part of your broader programme of treatment or as stand-alone methods to revitalise your body, mind and spirit. At Anam Cara, we will always find the right treatment for you.

Anam Cara Initial Body, Mind, Spirit Holistic Assessment

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting bad headaches, painful shoulders, a sore back, irritable bowel, stressed, anxious, unhappy or any number of physical, emotional or psychological symptoms? Our aim is to find out what’s going on and to give you insight and clarity around the issues you are dealing with, then to work together to make lasting changes. This initial assessment is the ideal opportunity to explore and gain insights into your situation and clarify the initial direction your treatment should take. If you click on just one of the therapies and treatments on this page, make it this one.
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Acupuncture / Classical Five Elements

For profound healing on the physical, emotional and psychological levels. Acupuncture can help a huge range of conditions and is also useful for maintaining good health and strengthening the body’s resistance to illnesses. Key to creating balance and harmony in life is to be in balance and harmony with your environment. Stress - be it personal, environmental, spiritual, acute, chronic or episodic can lead to energy imbalance which can manifest in a wide range of symptoms and disease.
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Optional Deep Acupuncture

Enhanced treatment via an induced, relaxed state.

Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation

Including full consultation and analysis, an initial appointment will involve work on the body only in preparation for future facial treatment appointments. Uses natural, virtually painless, quick and effective techniques which have been used for thousands of years. Individually tailored facial sculpting and massage programmes will be devised for precise needs e.g. wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, skin discoloration, puffy eyes and eye bags. All to give a younger, fresher look without scars, toxins or dangerous side effects.
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Allergy Therapy

Allergy testing uses gentle muscle testing and energy assessment techniques to identify those foods and substances which are too challenging for your body and which may be contributing to your symptoms.
We monitor the body’s response whilst placing a sample of a potential allergen on the body, just below the navel. Avoiding or limiting the foods or allergens you are sensitive to, whilst supporting the underlying causes of your health problem is a simple first step to better health.
All samples remain sealed in glass vials so there is no chance of a reaction. No needles, blood testing or scratching methods are used. Read more..

Amma Fusion Massage

Blend of Eastern massage / bodywork techniques based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Balances the body’s Qi (energy). Gentle manipulation and stretching, with varied strokes and breath work to help open the whole body. Allows space for the energy to move and flow. Revitalising, uplifting and restorative. Soothes emotions and clears the mind. Helpful for headaches, muscle tension, digestive complaints and chronic fatigue.
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Using carefully selected essential oils to promote healing. The aroma of the oil has been shown to stimulate balancing centres in the nose and parts of the brain, with massage and inhalation allowing the oils to be absorbed into the bloodstream creating a strong mood enhancing experience. Especially beneficial for those suffering stress, tension, anxiety, depression, over stimulation, grief, rage, shock and more. A relaxing or invigorating body massage for back, neck and shoulders, limbs and abdomen.
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Can be combined with Healing

Belly Dance

Belly dancing is natural to a woman’s structure with movements emanating from the torso rather than in the legs and feet. The dance often focuses upon isolating different parts of the body, moving them independently in sensuous patterns, weaving together the entire feminine form.
This ritualised expression has traditionally been performed by women for other women, encouraging them to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and psychologically. Read more..

Body Movement Psychotherapy

Sometimes it can be hard to put into words what we are feeling or experiencing. This can result in the way we hold ourselves and move in our bodies. We unconsciously communicate unresolved experiences or deeply held feelings. Body movement psychotherapy can help to access these more detached, cut off emotions and the story connected to them.
No previous experience or special set of skills are required as the work is designed to help you express yourself and get to know yourself, not on having a fabulous technique or producing a quality piece of ‘work’. Read more..

Bowen Technique

A deeply relaxing, remedial therapy consisting of gentle moves using fingers and thumbs over soft tissue and muscles, interspersed with periods of rest. Ideal for frozen shoulders, sciatica, neck pain, hay fever, asthma, migraines and sports injuries. Is particularly helpful during pregnancy and also just for relaxation. Can be performed over light clothing.
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Can be combined with either Homoeopathy or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Business & Executive Coaching

Professional skills using psychological techniques / maps / models. Individual programmes for precise needs or issues. All delivered in a psychosynthesis / psychospiritual (Western psychology with Eastern philosophy) context.
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Chakra/Energy Rebalancing & Healing

A system of healing seamlessly blending Western psychology with Eastern philosophy. Via the chakras, the body is read as a map of consciousness, with all physical and emotional symptoms tracked back to their root causes. Both symptoms and their causes are then worked through.
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C.H.E.K. (Corrective, Holistic, Exercise, Kinesiology) Holistic Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching & Neuro Muscular Therapy

Uses various in-house assessments with possible additional laboratory tests to identify all major sources of pain and dysfunction (musculoskeletal, hormonal, visceral, emotional). Includes Corrective Holistic Exercise, Kinesiology, Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching.
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Can be combined with Metabolic Typing®, Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Medicine or Neuromuscular Therapy

Chiropody & Holistic Foot Care

) Individual treatments plans provide care for: nails, verrucas, athletes foot, sweaty feet, bunions, corns, calluses, chilblains, hard skin, cracked heels and more. Signs of arthritis, diabetes, circulation problems and loss of sensation are often detected first in the feet.
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Optional Chiropody with Reflexology

A perfect combination aiding relaxation, improved lymph drainage, circulation, stress relief and wellbeing.

Optional Marigold Therapy

A safe, gentle homoeopathic treatment for a wide variety of ailments.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Specifically tailored programmes for individual needs. Typically up to four sessions several weeks apart. Suitable for weight loss, phobias, anxiety, fertility, stress, confidence, trauma, depression and emotional strengthening.
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Colonic Hydrotherapy

A safe, gentle but thorough cleansing treatment for the whole of the colon often known as the large intestine or bowel, using warm filtered water. Provides an internal bath to help cleanse and restore vital health to the colon, leaving you feeling refreshed, lighter and revitalised.
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Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is used to enhance the healing of a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. Shamanistic cultures throughout the world, including Native Americans, Aboriginal groups and the Inuit of Northern Canada, have long believed in the healing properties of semiprecious stones. Crystals can be ‘charged’ with healing energy, in a similar manner to the charging of a battery. They can then be used to alter the energy patterns in the body. Arrowheads, wands and other stones can also be used to diagnose illness or help identify personal issues and concerns.
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Deep Tissue Massage (DTM)

Stressed muscles can block oxygen and nutrients getting from where they need to go, which can lead to the build up of toxins, inflammation and eventual pain and discomfort in the body. DTM aims to break up and release the built up toxins associated with muscle pain, tension, spasm and restricted mobility.
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Dru Yoga

With its foundation set in Hatha yoga, Dru yoga consists of dynamic, flowing movements, focused breath and inner visualisation. All of which encourages a more positive, healthier and peaceful inner existence. Includes asana, (classical yoga postures), pranayama (the science of breath), mudras (hand gestures), positive affirmations and empowering visualisations.
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Egyptian Sekhem Therapy

Practiced by the priests of the high temples in ancient Egypt, the word Sekhem means ‘power’ or ‘might’ within a healing or spiritual context. It is a healing art which draws down a higher, intelligent energy which connects with us and heals us on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. This channelled energy allows us to release negativity and clear deeply held blockages within our energy systems. These are expressed as our unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours, as well as physical illness and disease.
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

A form of energy psychology which involves tapping on meridian points to neutralise and release negative emotions. Particularly good for phobias, insomnia, cravings, depression, pain relief and deeply held emotional patterns such as grief, shame and low self-esteem.
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Can be combined with either Homoeopathy or Bowen Technique

Family & Systemic Psychotherapy

Mental health and other concerns are frequently connected to relational difficulties. Family and Systemic Psychotherapy, also known as Family Therapy, aims to work as far as possible in partnership with adults and children. Therapists will aim to identify and challenge the unique difficulties in the family and the damaging behaviours that may lie behind child and adult distress. All to enable a family to develop and move towards healing and recovery.
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Hand & Foot Care

A unique hand and foot care programme to help restore health, vitality and balance to the body by using a combination of shiatsu and reflexology stimulation techniques on the reflex points found on hands and feet, including fingers and toes. A deeply relaxing, reassuring and nurturing experience is provided as the treatment enables endorphins to be released.
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Can be combined with a full scalp, neck and shoulder massage and tension release treatment

Holistic Facials

Organic, natural and free from harmful preservatives, the Heaven range of skin and body treatments have been formulated using the power of nature. All to promote an inclusive and harmonious body, mind and spirit experience. Experience tailor-made facials to suit your own individual needs. Includes various face, scalp, neck and hand massages. Lymph drainage, acupressure techniques and reiki healing are all included in facial treatments.
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Holistic Massage

Combination of massage and bodywork movements to bring relief to tense, tired, aching muscles and joints. Reduces feelings of anxiety, stress and depression.
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A safe, gentle and reflective system of healing which aims to rebalance the body, mind and spirit. Helps boost the immune system and stimulate the body’s own self-healing process. All consultations include homoeopathic remedies.
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Can be combined with either Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Bowen Technique

Hopi Ear Candles

Includes a relaxing facial massage using essential oils. Soothes and relieves symptoms relating to ear, nose and throat such as hay fever, glue ear, sinus congestion, troublesome earwax, snoring, earache, inner ear and balance problems, colds, flu, swollen glands, sore throats and tinnitus. Also good for stress, headaches and migraine. Excellent for those who find syringing uncomfortable as this is a gentle and pain free treatment.
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A four session programme teaching relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques to relieve labour pain. Includes CD, booklet and course material. Birthing parners very welcome.
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Indian Head Massage

Working on all areas surrounding the head, scalp, face and neck. Stimulating the circulation this treatment relaxes the scalp, tones up the muscles, relieves eye strain and headaches and improves circulation. Also eliminates muscle tension and restores joint movements by stretching and mobilising the tissues of the neck and shoulders. Read more..

Injury, Chronic Illness & Disease Rehabilitation

Good for all types of injury, chronic illness and disease. Corrective exercise and rehabilitation programmes are devised to give chronic pain support and on-going management.
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Can include Metabolic Typing®, Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Medicine or Neuromuscular Therapy

Inner Child Counselling

Uses regression and non-verbal visualisation. Enables spontaneous, deep and creative insights to gently emerge. Creative techniques will draw from the use of the imagination, music, metaphor, dream work, automatic writing and drawing.
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Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Object Relations

The path to regaining clarity, control and purpose in your life is within you. Starting from your current circumstances, position and all that those entail, we can work from many angles, depending on what is uncovered in each therapeutic encounter. Through a process of challenge, with support and empathy, we can work on correcting; brittle, low and unclear self concepts, irrational thinking and behaviour patterns, life traps that control and restrict the capacity to choose more freely in our lives, unequal and oppressive relationship patterns.
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Integrated Psychodynamic & Humanistic Psychotherapy
Individuals or Couples

A safe and confidential environment for individuals or couples to explore their own unique thoughts, feelings and emotions. It creates opportunities to identify and work through problems and concerns to help improve relationships with themselves and others.
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Iridology, or iris analysis, is the simple, painless and non-invasive technique of examining the iris in each eye (the coloured part surrounding the pupil). An excellent procedure to combine with Western Herbal Medicine which can rebalance various body organs and systems and help to encourage and strengthen the body’s natural capacity to heal itself.
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Using techniques from Health Kinesiology UK© this is a complementary therapy concerned with rebalancing the energy system of the body. By applying a light pressure to a muscle and then monitoring the response it uses muscle testing to identify the problem areas. Once the stressors are identified, gentle techniques are used to bring the body back into balance and harmony. Common forms of treatment include the use of magnets, homoeopathic remedies, flower essences and even particular thoughts.
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‘M’ Technique®

Uses light, nurturing, supporting touch that achieves deep, profound relaxation. A gentle introduction to touch therapies. Particularly helpful if critically ill or fragile (physically or emotionally). Useful if hesitant about using touch therapies.
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Manual Lymphatic DrainageUK (MLDUK)

Improves the functioning of the lymphatic system. Contributes to healthy body tissue and immune responses. Benefits skin conditions such as eczema/psoriasis/acne. Encourages the healing process of burns, useful pre and post surgery. Reduces fluid retention in the body from puffy eyes to swollen ankles, and assists in the management of oedema/lymphoedema conditions. Supports the body during detox and when preparing the body for fertility treatments.
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Manual Lymphatic DrainageUK (MLDUK) Facial Therapy

A light, gentle and relaxing therapy to the face and neck area. Reduces puffiness and tension, powerful decongestant/sinus treatment. Leaves skin with an inner glow. Strengthens and regenerates cell production. Good for sensitive skin as no products are used.
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McTimoney Chiropractic Care

A straightforward method of adjusting the bones of the body to maintain the correct alignment of the spine and to ensure the body’s nerve supply works efficiently. This gentle but effective treatment relieves pain and discomfort and helps realign and rebalance the body and help increase mobility. Good for back, neck and shoulder pain, joint pain, stiffness and discomfort, migraine, muscular aches, sports injuries, arthritic pain.
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Meditation / Relaxation / Visualisation

This unique care programme is designed to still outer activity and enter into silent reflection and contemplation. All to help direct more effectively one's inner world and transform personal challenges, dilemmas and obstacles into opportunities and growth. Creative techniques will draw from the use of the imagination, music, chanting, metaphor, storytelling, dream work, eastern philosophy and psychospiritual psychotherapy.
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Nutritional Therapy

A powerful treatment to reach the root cause of health concerns. Nutritional Therapy provides optimum nutrients needed to help promote the body’s own healing to achieve health, vitality and wellbeing on a physical and emotional level. Consultations will focus on diet, lifestyle and medical history and include an assessment of digestion, hormonal balance, liver, adrenal and thyroid functions. Following this, an agreed and individualised diet and lifestyle programme will be set.
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Past Life Regression Therapy & Deep Memory Process© (DMP©)

A creative synthesis of Jung, Reich, Psychodrama, Spiritual Psychology and Shamanic Healing. Transforms mind, emotions and spirit in one comprehensive process. Can achieve a profound healing on the body level. Highly effective in treating anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, chronic pain, blocked feelings, childhood trauma and catastrophic trauma from seeming 'past life' residues embedded in the body.
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A unique exercise method that works by strengthening the body from the inside out. Working with the breath and the deep abdominal and back muscles together with the pelvic floor, a ‘girdle of strength’ is created along with a realignment of the body. Pilates could be described as a moving meditation contributing to a sound mind, as well as a profound discipline contributing towards a stronger and more flexible body.
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Pranic Healing®

A simple but powerful no-touch energy healing based on the fundamental principle that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. As physical ailments are thought to first appear as energetic disruptions before manifesting in the physical body, Pranic Healing is applied on the bio-electromagnetic field known as the aura, (or energy body), as well as the chakras, the main energy centres which surround and interpenetrate the physical body.
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Psychosynthesis Counselling & Psychotherapy (Psychospiritual)
Individuals or Couples

Through the integration of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology a caring and supportive environment is created to explore personal suffering or the search for deeper meaning in one’s life. These often present themselves as deeply painful or challenging life stages or events.
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Reflexology is based on the theory that there are reflex areas on the feet (and hands) corresponding to all parts of the body including major organs. With the application of pressure on precise points the organs and body systems are stimulated through the reflexes.
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Can be combined with Healing or Chiropody

Reiki & Spiritual Healing

A powerful but gentle way of linking the body, mind and spirit through tapping into the individual’s life force energy. All to bring about greater peace, balance and healing. Treatments involve the gentle non-intrusive application of hands to various places on the body or within the energy field around the body. The treatment facilitates whatever healing changes are appropriate to the individual at the time.
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An ancient healing art derived from oriental medicine, based on the philosophy of rebalancing the flow of energy within the meridians. A deeply relaxing treatment which usually takes place at ground level on a futon, and involves rotations, rocking and stretching movements of the body as well as holding and working specific points on the meridians.
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Smoking Cessation Packages

For those who feel their motivation to give up smoking is greater than the desire to continue. Using a variety of techniques including hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and direct suggestion amongst others. Typically one or two sessions.
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Can be combined with Nutritional Therapy, Supplementation, Acupuncture or Herbal Medicine

Sound Therapy

A powerful ‘hands off’ therapy to achieve profound levels of relaxation, self-healing and deepening self awareness. Releases tensions at physical, emotional, and psychological levels. Includes the use of Himalayan Meditation Bowls, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, Drum, Voice and Tuning Forks. With the powerful vibrations a ‘sonic massage’ is experienced down to the cellular level within the body.
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Sports Injury Rehabilitation & Performance Therapy

A thorough, intelligent and in depth hands-on evaluation of your current situation, sporting history and future care needs. All to provide a corrective exercise and rehabilitation programme suited to you. Good for urgent, critical relief or long term management.
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Can include Metabolic Typing®, Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Medicine or Neuromuscular Therapy

Sports Massage

A vigorous or slow massage depending on the requirements on the day. Good for injuries including repetitive strain, chronic pain, restricted range of movement, tired or overworked muscles and muscle fatigue. Can help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance or to recover after an event. Will include massage, soft tissue release, stretching, lengthening and strengthening exercises.
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Western Herbal Medicine

Western Herbal Medicine seeks to make a healthier person through encouraging and strengthening the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. It holds the view that the patient is a whole person and not just a collection of symptoms and will address both the underlying causes of ill health as well as the symptoms experienced.
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An Iridology Assessment will always take place before a Western Herbal Medicine consultation

We offer a lot of therapies and treatments – did you find what you were looking for? Do let us know either way. All of the services offered in the beautiful and relaxed surroundings of Anam Cara are provided by experienced and qualified practitioners, all of whom are registered members of their professional bodies.

It is hard to explain the welcome you’ll receive from Anam Cara – but you’ll understand once you’ve been. Walking through the door into Anam Cara is not just going into a building but more like entering a warm embrace. Inside is understanding, insight, freedom, recovery and opportunity. We will get behind your presenting issue and work with you to establish the most effective treatment for you and your situation.

Find out more about our pyschotherapy, counselling and holistic services in Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Walsall and Tamworth.

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Additional Choices

We are able to offer one to one, or two to one tuition for the following therapies and treatments: If any of these are of interest please

Additional things to know

  • Gift vouchers available
  • Telephone counselling available
  • Wide choice of male and female practitioners available
  • Early morning, late night and weekend appointments available by special request
  • Opportunity to join our monthly E.Magazine mailing list
If any of these are of interest please

Bespoke Programmes of Care

Although we have many therapy and treatment options available to us, we always work together to create a bespoke programme of care for our clients. Our practitioners understand that being part of Anam Cara means recommending and integrating the other available treatments in a timely and appropriate manner according to the client’s needs. These needs are different for every individual, even if symptoms may appear the same, and the unique set of skills we have means that we can always provide the optimum healing process, whatever twists and turns that process may take.

Below are some of our more specialist and in depth support programmes, which we have developed and refined over recent years in response to our clients' presenting issues and challenges:

  • Anti-Aging including Health and Vitality Guidance and Education
  • Body Posture, Flexibility and Back Care
  • Depression and Despair
  • Digestive Health and Bowel Care
  • Discovering the origins as well as the techniques and strategies to help alleviate debilitating Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Fear
  • Grief & Loss for all circumstances and experiences including sudden shock or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Immune/Auto-Immune Disorder Support and Recovery
  • Male and Female Fertility incorporating Holistic and Natural Pre-Conception Preparation and Care
  • Physical and Emotional Burnout and Crisis Recovery
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Profound, Intelligent and Sensitive Support for Midlife Crisis, Loss of Purpose, Re-Evaluation of Values, Soul Searching and the Suffering of Meaning
  • Weight Management
  • Well Man including Sexual Dysfunction, Hormone, Diet, Exercise and Education
  • Well Woman including Menopause and Hormone Health
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution, Professional Development, Team Building, Collective Vision, Ownership and Implementation of required Goals and Outcomes.

Events & Workshops

We run a limited number of bespoke workshops to ensure that each one is filled with people willing to engage and discover – and share with others making the same journey. These workshops are genuinely unique, with Anam Cara’s practitioners using their own knowledge and experience to create something insightful and fresh every time. Our team of practitioners will, over time, develop new workshops centred on their specialty so do keep checking back for new events.


Are you a practitioner who may be interested in joining our team?
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