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How often do you get the chance to stand back and take a moment to consider yourself, where you are in life, and where you’d like to be?

Perhaps not as often as you’d like. As a consequence, it is easy to feel lost, confused, hurt or stuck in a rut. Sometimes this can lead to a psychological crisis or you may struggle with physical symptoms that reflect your state of mind.

Of course, not everyone has to hit a crisis point before they seek help. You might simply be feeling worried, curious, short of confidence, unwell or just looking to improve a certain aspect of your life. But until you take action, you are in danger of feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and frustrated.

At Anam Cara, we can help you to understand yourself and reveal the choices you have. We can give you the tools and confidence to take action and reach your goals. We teach, we enable and we facilitate but ultimately it’s you who takes action and responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

Now, you wouldn’t have read this far unless something had been running around your mind for days, weeks, months or even years already. You know something’s not right but until you really know what needs attention, how can you address it?

We will help you to find the answers. It’s not always simple. But it is always possible. And the rewards are fantastic – improved health, greater confidence, renewed purpose and most liberating of all - feeling free to be your true self. Other clients tell us about the feelings of relief, freedom and even euphoria when they finally get to discover themselves and their true place in the world.

No matter what you’re experiencing, we can help make it better. This is your turning point. You’re already on the path to understanding, health, happiness and freedom. Let us guide you on the continuing journey.


Right now, you may be curious, hurt, angry, confused, anxious, stressed, depressed, isolated, trapped. Maybe you've been suffering physical symptoms – such as headaches, back pain, fertility issues, tiredness, IBS, weight problems, panic attacks, immune/autoimmune disorders - that you just can't shake off. Perhaps you're not performing at work as you should be, or you feel your life has lost its meaning, its value or its direction.
Please don’t feel like this any more. Find out more about our pyschotherapy, counselling and holistic services in Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Tamworth and Walsall.

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